Backtrack… Oct. 7, 2011


On October 7, 2011, I received a call from my Mommy Sue that my Dad was again being taken to the hospital by ambulance – the second time in two weeks.  He had been in the hot tub that morning and when Mommy Sue went to check on him, he was not responsive… She wasn’t overly concerned, as the paramedics said they weren’t going to use their sirens.  Okaaaay…  I called my sister at work to let her know, “What does not responsive mean?”  “I don’t know?!”  My employer said, “You can leave.” “No, I’m okay”  I couldn’t leave because I was in shock… what does this mean?  The worst of thoughts went through my mind…  An hour later I was on my way to pick up my sister.  We arrived and Mommy Sue was waiting for us in the Emergency Room.  Mommy Sue gave us the lowdown on what had and was happening – finding him in the hot tub, paramedics getting him out, the nurse telling him he wasn’t going to be able to go home unless he could walk around, her comment “Wow, he seems like he’s on narcotics.”  This comment caused her to order a cat scan… Having been updated, we were all ready to go in and see Dad.  When we arrived, Dad was sitting in bed and he said, “I have a mass on my brain.”  what? What? WHAT? A mass?  What does that mean?  They told you when you were by yourself?  What?  I tried to reel back in some calm… “Oh, a mass.  I think they say that when they aren’t really sure…”  We were soon enlighted… the nurse came in and when we asked “What is a mass?” she informed us it was a tumor… oh… okay…  Later we were visited by the singing Neurologist Dr. John Cassidy and my old Dr. Christopher Barker.  Now I think back at how grave their tone was, we were just so relieved to know what was going on with my Dad, I’m not sure I got it.  They showed us pictures and explained what was going on – the pressure in the frontal lobes might make my Dad seem indifferent – ah ha, yes, now that makes sense…


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  1. Yea, after he showed up at a doctors apppointment 1 hour and 10 minutes late and could not understand why that was a problem…I rememeber telling Alicia, ” Babe your dad has something wrong with his brain…” You think????

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