It’s crazy how the mind works


Tonight, my Dad asked me over to help with scheduling.  I sat down with him to review who was coming over to help with morning walks, radiation, and afternoon walks.  I had created a calendar using the website and thought it was pretty self explanatory.  The confusion was my Dad was trying to figure out, if he went to bed at 8pm (which I have NEVER seen him do), and he got 8 hours of sleep, he could go for a morning walk at 9am – he’s pretty slow moving and he’s taking a morning nap.  But if he went to bed later, he couldn’t go walking til later, so we should try and schedule one person to be on standby from 8-10am and then another for 10am-12pm… he had a plan that if he was in bed by 8pm, we could call the 10-12 people to take them off the hook… Mommy Sue and I spent over an hour trying to convince him why this was an awful plan and why couldn’t he just have his morning walk scheduled like an appointment.  It’s interesting how, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, how self-centered he is – he doesn’t have an awareness of how things will affect others.

Story number two of how crazy his mind is working….  We are hosting Thanksgiving this week…  originally it was going to be 12 people, and now it is 21 – we have a small house.  We have a wall between our living room and dining room that Lori and I have thought about removing.  My Dad had the brilliant idea that we would take the wall out so that on Thanksgiving, he could see everyone at the table.  Okay, it’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, we’re gonna find a contractor to do this, minimize the mess and not drive your daughter insane.  Really Dad?  He was adamant!  For days!  “Dad, wer’re not taking out the wall.”  “But it’s going to transform the Thanksgiving experience.”  “Dad, I don’t want to take the wall out.” “It’s happening!  No more.” Finally, Lori and I figured out a way to move our furniture around so that we could have everyone in the same room.  Dad was releived, and then said, “Okay, after Thanksgiving and before Christmas were gonna hire a contractor….”  Oy!


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