Family and friends update


Hello family and friends,

I wanted to send an update, though I know my Dad is also planning on sending one.  He is starting his 5th week of radiation.  I think between that, the chemo, the avastin and everything else, it’s making him tired, spacey and somewhat unpredictable… or maybe it’s completely predictible.  I’ve never known anyone with a brain tumor.  We’ve created a calendar for him, for walks, rides to his appointments and more and getting him going can be somewhat challenging.  One request that we have is to not let him get away with not walking and if he tells you something you may have to double check… example – today Lori was to take him to the hosptial for blood work and then they were to go for a walk.  He told Lori he couldn’t be in the sun.  I called the Cancer Center where he’s getting radiation and they apologized for his misunderstanding, as long as his head is covered he’s okay to be outside.  It was quite a relief for him to find this out as he had been putting his energy trying to find shade. 


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