Back to the ER…


Since we realized my Dad was taking twice the amount of Keppra, he’s been doing better, in some ways, and in others, not so much.  Today, he’s taking a trip to the ER as he’s been so weak.  He hasn’t been eating or drinking enough, and on Friday, he spent some time in the infusion center getting hydrated.  It’s really a Catch 22, isn’t it?  He’s so tired, it takes great effort to get dressed and going, so his time to take a walk is diminished, ’cause he’s got to get to his radiation appointments… The drugs and treatment affect his appetite, so he doesn’t want to eat, so then he gets weak… this just doesn’t seem like a good way to get better!

Mommy Sue wasn’t overly concerned, so I’m not meeting them at the Hospital, this time.  More tests will be done to see if there’s an underlying reason for his weakness and dehydration…. Thank the Heavens tomorrow is his last radiation appointment!


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  1. Thank you, Alicia, for writing these posts. I can’t imagine how full you life is right now — I so appreciate your taking the time to keep everyone ‘in the loop.’

    My love to Tim and the family 🙂

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