Let the healing commence?! Please!


This morning I received a call from Mommy Sue that my Dad was heading back to the ER… Ambulance ride and all.    Seems he fell in the shower.  I’m feeling quite helpless at the moment and kind of frustrated… They have a shower bench at their home… I’m not sure why it wasn’t in place.  My Dad has been very weak, in fact, he’s having a blood transfusion today – previously scheduled – due to his being anemic.  For you and I we get to take iron – his iron must be of the charts low for him to require a transfusion?! 

Pardon my rambling… it’s all part of when your Dad has a brain tumor, I guess…


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  1. Dad is home from ER… Had two bags of blood added to his body… Looked alot better…more color in his cheeks! His ankles on the other hand…cankles, from sitting in a hosptial bed all day! sheesh… Tomorrow Mommy Sue interviews home helper to be with Dad while she’s working. He’s so weak from all the treatments, drugs, brain tumor, dehydration, etc…

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