This goes in the “Crazy things a brain tumor will make you do” file


Yesterday when my sister and I were hanging out with my Dad in the ER, I brought up an event that I’d heard rumors of, but not directly from my Dad.  Seems my Dad has it in his mind, which is slightly compromised, to put on an event in early January.  My sister thought someone else was going to do it for him… Nope, Dad confirmed that it was his project.  Right now, my Dad can’t even take his daily walks as he’s too weak from t he treatments, he isn’t getting enough food or drink because he’s so tired.  HOW does he think he’s going to put on an event on January 8th?!  I hope, I hope, we’ve convinced him that it’s really not a good idea right now…. later, yes, and we’ll be happy to support him, but now, not such a good idea!

Healing Dad, with every breath!


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