Emailed update

Original email:
Hi Alicia ,I know this is a terrible time for you and coping must be hard so I haven’t wanted to bother you, but I world like to hear your take on how your dad is handling things and how his brain is working. I’m not looking for a prognosis but rather a snapshot of how Tim is day to day right now. Sorry to impose but it’s hard being so far away and having part of my heart in California. Love to you and your wonderful family,  Buz

My reply:

I’ve been updating my blog… I haven’t seen my dad since last week, as either the boys or now I’ve been sick.  Last week he had a blood transfusion, Saturday a platelet transfusion and today another platelet transfusion.  I believe it is because of the chemo – which he has completed his cycle.  He’s weak.  I think that is to be expected right now and I’m hoping to have more of my own questions answered at his follow up MRI appt next week.  I will definitely update the general email after that appt.  My hope is that his body is recovering from the chemo and radiation onslaught and he will start getting stronger, and the transfusions give me concern.
Mommy Sue did hire someone to be with him while she is working. He’s fallen and it’s been a huge stress for her, as you would expect.  I think they are both happy with their person.  She’ll be off for 3 weeks after the 21st appt.  KC and family will be coming out between Christmas and New Years…  I think that will be good for Dad!
I think I’ll send this out to the whole list…
My blog is  I suppose that has more ramblings than anything!
Lots of love to you all!  And thank you for being such a good friend!

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