It’s no fun having a cold


It’s usually not pleasant having a cold.  And most of us can get away with doing our normal activities, going to work, shopping, etc.  If, on the other hand, your immunity is compromised, a cold can be a dangerous thing.

I have been missing my Dad.  And I can’t go see him right now, because I have a cold.  So I am relying on my Mom, my Sister and my Spouse to fill me in!  My Mom spent time with him yesterday and he was in good spirits and they made a movie/video date for Saturday.  My sister stayed the night last night and she said he was tired, and good. This afternoon, Lori’s going to be with him so I’ll hear more!  

He’s having another platelet transfusion today.  I sure wish I could find some information about this… Is this normal?  Should we have expected this to be happening at this time?  The questions you don’t even know to ask when you’re meeting with the oncologist.  I will definitely be asking some more questions when we go with my Dad to his appointment on Wednesday.

In the mean time, if you want to hang out with my Dad, keep yourself healthy and if you have an inkling of a cold, please stay home *insert smiley icon here*!

Here’s some information I’ve found about side effects… I still don’t know if it’s common, but it must be expected…


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