“oh, oh tidings of comfort and joy…”


I am sorry for my delay in reporting back with the results of my Dad’s MRI…  On Wednesday, Dec. 21, we made the journey down to Redwood City for a post -radiation, post-chemo MRI…  Can I say that we were all feeling a bit anxious?  And then we had to wait for our NP Oncologist Mady for nearly an hour… And she came into the room feeling very happy with the results of his MRI!  She said it was definitely cause to celebrate and that the “abnormality” – the tumor, cysts and swelling – had consolidated and was smaller.  And you could see it, with an untrained eye!  Such good news!  The concern now is his bone marrow.  Dad is one of a small handful, 6%, of people that have a reaction to the chemo, requiring blood and platelet transfusions.  The hope is that Dad’s bone marrow will rebound and his body will start producing these on his own.  And he needs to, to continue treatment.  His platelet level the Monday before his appointment was at 19, and they need to be at 50 to restart the Avastin.  If he were to do chemo again, they need to be at 100.  Mady wasn’t as concerned about the chemo, it’s the Avastin she feels is the most important component of his treatment.  Avastin tells the leaky blood vessels trying to feed the tumor to close up, starving the tumor.  And even though Dad only had one Avasin treatment during his radiation/chemo stint, she felt is was the greatest contributor to the shrinkage.

One of our boys asked if Pappy still had his brain and the other understood this that his fever had shrunk…. 4 year olds…

So good news and more healing needed!  Appreciating your thoughts, prayers and general good energy for my Dad!  Looking forward to the arrival of his brother KC and family today!  I think the visit will be good for my Dad…

Healing with every breath Dad…


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