Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!


My final post for 2011 with an update of my Dad’s condition… He had a red blood cell and platelet transfusion yesterday… the first he’d had in a week!  This is good news… I wrote a friend earlier, it’s funny what normal, good news, etc is now.  A transfusion is normally something to be shocked, scared, etc by.  And in my Dad’s situation, he’s only had one in a week, after having multiple per week the last few weeks.  This is good news as it seems his bone marrow is starting to kick back in and do it’s job!  We need him to have a platelet level of 50 for him to be able to start Avastin again.  He’s been in the mid 20’s… He’s got a ways to go, and he’s been improving and holding his own, and this is good as his platelet level was at 19…

A new year, a new opportunity… Tonight we celebrated Christmas with my Dad, Mommy Sue and sister Jessica and family… my brother in-law had a birthday this week and was asked, by my Dad, the three questions… what did you most like, what most surprised you and what did you least like?  He then turned it around and asked Dad…  His replies were… he most liked the change in the tumor, the reduction in size and the amount of support he’s received.  The most surprised, well, was having a brain tumor… His least liked was how it took awhile to find out what was happening, even though he’d been having symptoms for awhile…  One of the trickiest things about having a brain tumor is that so many of the symptoms could have been caused by other things… And he had other things going on so perhaps the symptoms were assumed as being part of the other thing… The smarter and more advanced we are in medicine, the harder it can be to properly diagnose… we can prescribe a pill for symptoms and over look what we really need to see…

Here’s to contiuned health for my Dad, opportunities to spend time with him, peace, love and harmony and so much to be grateful for…


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  1. Tim is on my mind so often! Thanks for these updates, and please let him know that all of the Morningstar family holds him in their hearts! Healing with each breath …

  2. Thank you Alicia for keeping us updated. Bud & I keep you all in our thoughts and prayers daily. Love to all Healing with every breath Tim…..

  3. Bless you Alicia for keeping us in the loop cos, well, it’s not like you have nothing else to do…kids, work, holidays etc! Just know it means so much to hear what’s going on and What An Up to start this New Year; Tim’s platelet level’s improvement plus w less intervention so sounds like he’ll be at 50 in no time. Go Tim and so many New Year Wishes Come True in 2012 for all of you plus Some Extra Big Ones for your Dad! xo Lynn

  4. Thank you Alicia, for keeping us all up to date. Your dad is in my thoughts and prayers, and I am so thrilled the tumor is smaller. All my love to you Tim! Healing with every breath………….
    Lauralyn Castle

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