Update from my Dad

I just received this email from my Dad:
“Just got back my results from my a.m. Blood test & my red blood cells are now in the normal range & my playlets hit 54, which is still low but maybe high enough for the next Avastin treatment.  As we say in lotusland, more will be revealed.”
Sounds good to me!  His last transfusion was on 12/30/11.  This means his body’s been doing the work to replace his platelets.  Avastin is the treatment his oncologist feels made the biggest impact in his latest MRI results, and he was only able to have one treatment in that 6 week period.  So I’d love to see him back on Avastin.
He’s feeling stronger and he looks great!  We are so very grateful for your continued love, support and over all good thoughts and prayers!
Healing with every breath Dad!

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  1. You have a wonderful support system and a bright and positive daughter….I suspect a fierce fighter, as well. Keep on keepin’ on. Healing with every breath. – Kathy Haller

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