Tomorrow my Dad finally returns to his Avastin treatments… This is a drug that helps prevent blood vessels from feeding the tumor and starving it which can stop it from growing  and even help it shrink. (http://www.avastin.com/patient/gbm/about/index.html)   It is given as an infusion and currently he’s scheduled to have these treatments every two weeks. 

Because of the side effects from the chemotherapy, Dad has not been able to have more than one Avastin treatment so far.  His Neurology Oncologist thought the Avastin, even only one treatment, was the biggest factor in the shrinkage of his tumor/mass.

Avastin comes with a whole host of potential side effects – especially on his cardiovascular system.  And with monitoring and proper care – including getting him out for walks and increasing his mileage, we are working to keep those at bay!

Dad’s platelets were at 62, his White blood cell count in normal range and his Red blood count still needing to grow.  Last week, I think Dad was feeling a bit disheartened as his platelets had gone down to 49… since I wasn’t sure of the cause or if it was a temporary fluctuation, I decided to withhold that information… Glad I did.

Healing with every breath (and drip) Dad!


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