The goings on of Tim… what I know


I had the good fortune to spend a little one on one time with my Dad this week.  Mommy Sue was off to Sunnyvale and I spent the night with Dad.   He seems stronger and stronger and I think the spending the night is more to allay our concerns than my Dad’s ability to take care of himself.  He mentioned he’s itching to drive… I’m not sure if he’s ready to drive on his own yet.  Mommy Sue wants someone to be with him when he walks – I’m pretty sure he’s probably strong enough to walk on his own.  I appreciate her concern and I totally appreciate his longing for freedoom.  My thinking is, Dad went through this awful treatment… the reason he did this and we encouraged him is so he could keep living.  Not that he should do anything crazy and taking a walk seems pretty tame.  I know he loves having his connection with his friends and the folks that have been hanging out with him, walking with him, taking him on errands and I’m sure he’d love to just pick up and go.   He mentioned he’d ask the Oncologist this week – his bi-monthly appointment is Friday, Feb. 17th – about walking on his own and driving.  I will look forward to hearing what Mady says…  He will have an MRI again and he’s been going to bi-weekly Avastin appointments.  He did have to have a red blood cell transfusion a few weeks ago and his blood work seems to be improving.  Platelets keep growing and white blood cells are within normal range.

Keep those good thoughts coming!  Healing with every breath, Dad…


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