Friday MRI follow-up


Here’s a bit more information regarding my Dad’s MRI on Friday.  The MRI looked better than last time.  Mady, the oncologist, felt very positive about it.  And his blood pressure is way too high.  This is because of the Avastin.  So they are switching his blood pressure medicine.  Mady has given the all okay for Dad to get out and walk on his own and is encouraging him to travel and live his life.  Yes, the results were good today, and that may not always be the case.  A good reminder for all of us…  He did not get the okay to drive yet, and Mady said that perhaps at his June/July MRI he would.  The next MRI will be in Santa Rosa, two months.  Mady is now on maternity leave and will be back in July.  She has left Dad’s care in the hands of Dr. Peak, her boss.

So good news, and a reminder of how very precious life is…  We already know, it can, and does, change in a moment…

Keep those good thoughts coming!

Healing with every breath Dad!


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