A brief update


A brief update…

On February 17th, Dad had a follow up MRI which looked better than the December one.  This was good news!  Mady was concerned about his blood pressure, a result of the Avastin, and changed his medication.  She also lowered his dose of Decadron, the steroid that has assisted with swelling.  She said this was going to be hard.  And it has been.  It’s pooped Dad out.  He’s also been having some back pain.  And he’ll have moments when his right side (or left side?) will droop.  Mommy Sue was concerned he was having mini strokes, I was concerned that maybe the doctors weren’t getting the whole picture and were missing something, as the back pain started prior to his reducing the Decadron.  Dad and Mommy Sue met with Dr. Zhang, the oncologist in Santa Rosa administering the Avastin.  He said that the droopiness could be caused by the Decadron, as one of the side effects is muscle weakness.  His lungs were clear, my concern, as pneumonia can cause back pain, and his blood pressure is still too high.  His platelets were also a little lower than they should be.   It’s like you manage the brain tumor and there’s a whole host of other things you have to manage/figure out… never ending journey…

Dad was to have another blood test today to see if his platelets are within the Avastin range.  He’s also going to go to the blood pressure clinic.  Saturday, the boys and I are gonna have an overnight and next week, we are looking forward to a visit from my Aunt Lynn – she’ll be spending time with my Dad while Mommy Sue is at a conference.   

Healing with every breath Dad…


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  1. It is so impressive how Tim plus family and friends have pulled together through all the ups and downs. Good job everyone. I will continue to send prayers. Love to all!

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