Truly blessed…


We have been so very lucky to have had my Aunt Lynn come to visit us from Brooklyn this past week.  She has brought with her, a delicious bag of tricks!  She came to stay with my Dad while Mommy Sue was off at a conference.  And we have all had an opportunity to spend a bit of time with her as well!  Not only has she come to be with my Dad and offer her wonderful company and assistance, she made it her goal to rid their freezer of as many partially opened bags of frozen bits as possible – I believe she eliminated 7 rubber banded bags. She has done this with her ususal delicious flair and we have all been the recipients of such wonderful, home cooked meals.  For instance, tonight, instead of the usual corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day, we had an English feast of roasted leg of lamb, parsnips and potatoes that were crispy on the outside and so soft and luscious on the inside, asparagus and for dessert… vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce (which she made) and bananas… the amount of butter, sugar and fat in general we’ve consumed this week could be a bit scary, and for me it’s been worth every bite… (What a few more minutes on the eliptical?)

I realize this is not the post you are used to.  And sometimes we just have to forget about what is going on and enjoy the moment and taste each bite and delight in it – forget what’s happening in the real world… She has given us that gift… and for that I am so very grateful.  I shall miss her when she leaves tomorrow afternoon.

Healing with every breath, and tasty bite, Dad.


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  1. Hi Alicia – I think that was so beautifully said. My dad just passed from this world after an 8 year long battle with cancer. We enjoyed many moments together the whole way trough and the past few weeks have connected me again to family and friends which is a blessing. But it is so hard – the moving on and living and enjoying yourself part. I try and think they would be doing that themselves were they able to. Take Care!

    Kathleen (your former neighbor in SR)

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