Easter Weekend


If I were a better granddaughter, I would be at Good Friday services, but alas I am at work on my lunch break.  I think about my Grandma – my Dad’s mom – today.  I wonder what she would think about how things are for her family if she were here today… Two of her sons have some pretty big health challenges right now.  As a Mom myself now, I know how painful and scary it is to have you babies hurt, in pain, sick – and yet you put it aside so you can take care of them. 

My Dad is doing okay right now… I think he could be doing better. *Warning: I’m about to stand on a soap box*  The Avastin treatments are every 3 weeks.  The Avastin puts great pressue on your cardiovascular system.  I think my Dad could be walking or excercising more and eating better and I think he’d be feeling better.  Currently, the Dr. keeps prescribing patches, pills, etc to control his blood pressure, and I don’t think they’re telling him he needs to change his ways…  *okay… stepping off, for now…

Dad did purchase a harmonica a couple of weeks ago.  I was sort of surprise, and also delighted by that.  I asked him, “A harmonica?  You always want to play?”  He answered that he’d always said/thought, “When I retire, I’m gonna learn to play one.”  Play away Dad!  Looking forward to hearing your musical creations!  For someone that loves music so much, it’s always been a bit surprising that my Dad doesn’t play an instrument. 

This weekend my Dad’s youngest brother, KC, will be joining us, along with his wife Roxie and daughter Ruby.  We’ll also have our cousin – I’m not sure if she’s a 3rd cousin – Taylor join us from SF.  We’re gonna host brunch on Sunday and are planning an egg hunt in the park across the street, including Peeps in the water feature (thanks to my Aunt Trudy for that tip!) Not being a religious person, Easter to me is a celebration of Spring – a time of newness, freshness, light, sunshine, planting… There’s been some dark clouds hanging around this winter. I’m ready for the Spring!

Healing with every breath, Easter egg and Peep, Dad!


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