And now for a health update…

I apologize, I’m being lazy, and I know there are folks out there that want to know what’s going on with my Dad, so I’m re-posting an email I sent out yesterday… 
Dad met with his local oncologist, earlier this week.  The results from his recent MRI (a week or so ago) show no changes in the size of the tumor.  This is good news.  Mommy Sue mentioned that Dr. Zhang let it slip (he’s usually quite pessemistic,) that if things stayed like this, and we can keep the Avastin from causing any tears in his blood vessels, he could be around for another couple years… I will try to remember that that could be optimistic and it is good news… Keeping his blood pressure in check is key to keeping the Avastin working. It causes his blood pressure to rise, as it puts an extra tax on his cardio system.  Keeping my Dad walking and eating right are also main components to this… (hint, hint, if you’re hanging out with him.)  He said he’d love to teach again at Kaiser and he’d love to drive again… 
Healing with every breath Dad. 
With a heart filled with gratitude!

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  1. Thank you for updating this for those of us who are far away! Such good news 🙂

    With much love, as always,


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