Long overdue update…


Hello All!

Just a quick note to say my Dad is doing okay… his physical strength is still less than optimum.  I think one of the side effects of decadron, a steroid he was taking to reduce swelling, is muscle weakness, top that with the 6 weeks of chemo and radiation this last winter and it has created an up-hill battle for Dad getting his strength back.  He shuffles and he leans… one shoulder will be higher than the other – I’ve gotten in the habit of calling him “Tippy.”  His short term memory isn’t what it used to be… the NeuroOncologist thinks this may be a side effect of the radiation… His blood counts continue to improve, his blood pressure is one aspect that is taking alot to control – or maybe it’s not.  Avastin puts an additional stress on his cardio system so they are concerned with the blood pressure increasing.  Each time he shows up for his Avastin appt, his blood pressure goes up.  They send him to the blood pressure clinic and it’s normal… I’m guessing my Dad has some reaction when he goes for Avastin…  and perhaps his blood pressure isn’t as much of a problem as they think?


I’m encouraging Dad and Mommy Sue to plan some trips… I know they want to go to Indiana, but the heat and humidity could be too much this time of the year… Perhaps in the Fall, and I get nervous about waiting… Mady, Dad’s NeuroOncologist, said in February/March that he needed to start doing the things he wanted to do, go on those trips, because although he has a good MRI report now, they don’t have anyway to gauge how long it will be that way…  I do get concerned.  We are also discussing a family trip to Disneyland in mid-November…That feels like a long way off and it will either work or it won’t.  I hope it will work.  I remember going to Disneyland with Dad – oh so many years ago!  I remember laughing so hard and having the time of our life!  There’s something about experiencing things with your parents, and now I hope I can share that joy and delight with my Dad and my boys…

Dad did have an MRI last Friday, but because Mady is on maternity leave, it was not one where we get the instant results.  Next week we’ll know more as to how the tumor is…
Dad has said that he’s been in a bit of a depression as his great friends, Bud and Cathy, are possibly moving away… Bud and Cathy have been such great friends to Dad and have been a tremendous amount of support to all of us!  They have, from the beginning, giving Dad rides, taking him for walks, breakfasts, lunches, etc.  That will be a very large hole to fill if they move away…
I will report more as I know what the MRI results are.
Thank you for keeping my Dad in your thoughts & prayers!

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