Holly Bissy Dad!


Today is my Dad’s 67th birthday… Wow, what a year it has been!  Just two weeks after my Dad’s 66th birthday, we found out he had a mass on his brain… a glioblastoma multiforme.  The prognosis was not great.  And here he is a year later… the tumor had consolidated, and he continues with Avastin… which has been keeping the tumor at bay.  His short term memory has been affected, possibly due to scarring from the radiaiton?  He and Mommy Sue went to Hawaii this year, and are planning a trip to Indiana this November…  Dad continues to have friends and family visit, regularly and take him for walks.  He’s still not able to drive.  I am grateful for every one of them as I am grateful for every day my Dad is here even though at times I feel robbed – knowing I’ve been given a shortened time with him… It is a conundrum…

A tradition in our family, one that my Dad started, is to ask three questions, and we will do this tonight at dinner… “Sooooo Tim.  Regarding this last year, what did you most like, what did you least like and what has most surprised you…”  I can only guess…


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