October 7, 2011 – Diagnosis of a mass in brain

That weekend – first heard the name glioblastoma multiforme

October 10, 2011 – transferred down to Redwood City, CA – Kaiser’s neuroscience center – for possible biopsy and “debulking” (a term I never want to hear again due to the images it creates)

October 11, 2011 – Met with Dr. Hou, Neurosurgeon to discuss the procedures and risks associated.  Met with Mady (last name), neurooncology NP.  We discussed other treatment besides surgery and even forgoing a biopsy, due to the agressive nature of the tumor

October 12, 2011 – Dad goes home. Begin to prepare for what is to come – radiaiton, chemo, Avastin.

November 1, 2011 – Dad begins Radiation and Chemotherapy

(at some point Dad was taken off chemo due to drop in platelets)

November 10, 2011 – Dad begins Avastin treatments and restarts Chemotherapy

December 6-7, 2011 – Dad finishes up radiaiton

December 21, 2011 – follow up MRI with Mady in Redwood City.


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